First Successful Pregnancies from Egg Freezing in San Diego!

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Reproductive Partners-UC San Diego Regional Fertility Center is very proud to announce the recent success from our new egg, oocyte, freezing program. Using the new technique called vitrification, “flash freezing”, we have achieved the first successful clinical pregnancies from frozen eggs in San Diego. Out of our first 3 attempts at warming eggs, two patients have successful ongoing clinical pregnancies. Our success with this new and improved technique for egg freezing marks a milestone for fertility preservation for women in San Diego, allowing individuals to postpone childbearing without compromising their fertility. We are thrilled to offer our patients the most advanced technique available for egg and embryo freezing. For more information about our egg freezing program see our egg freezing program page.

Reproductive Partners-UC San Diego Regional Fertility Center has a long standing history of providing state of the art care in helping patients achieve dreams of creating their families. We also achieved the first Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) birth in San Diego County in 2001.