RPSD’s 2023 Year in Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we bid farewell to 2023, Reproductive Partners Fertility Clinic- San Diego (RPSD) takes immense pride in reflecting on a year filled with triumphs, breakthroughs, and, most importantly, fulfilled dreams of parenthood. With 25 years of dedicated service in the realm of fertility care, our commitment to excellence and patient success has only strengthened over time.

1. A Quarter-Century of Compassionate Care: In 2023, RPSD reached a monumental milestone – 25 years of empowering our patients and transforming their dreams of parenthood into reality. A journey marked by compassion, expertise, and countless success stories.

2. Expert Consultations: Our team of highly skilled physicians completed a staggering 1125 consultations throughout the year. These consultations represent the personalized and comprehensive care that defines our approach, ensuring each patient receives the attention and expertise they deserve.

3. Impressive Fertilization Metrics:

  • Fertilization Rate: Achieving an outstanding 81% fertilization rate underscores our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technologies and techniques, maximizing the chances of successful conception for our patients.

4. Patient Demographics: The average age of our patients in 2023 was 37.2 years old, a testament to our ability to provide effective fertility solutions across a diverse range of age groups.

5. Oocytes, ICSI, and Cryopreservation:

  • Oocyte Retrieval: A total of 7292 oocytes were retrieved, showcasing our proficiency in the delicate process of collecting eggs for fertilization.
  • ICSI Procedure: 4402 oocytes underwent Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), a specialized technique that enhances the chances of successful fertilization.
  • Cryopreservation: 1473 oocytes and 1975 blastocysts were frozen, offering our patients the flexibility and assurance that comes with preserving their reproductive potential.

6. FDA Inspection Excellence: In a year marked by challenges, RPSD emerged victorious in a rigorous FDA inspection, receiving zero citations or deficiencies. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality in every aspect of our operations.

7. 24 Years of CAP Accreditation: Reaffirming our dedication to quality, 2023 marked the 24th consecutive year of being CAP accredited, a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence in laboratory and clinical practices.

As we step into the future, RPSD remains steadfast in our commitment to helping individuals and couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. With gratitude for the past and excitement for the future, we look forward to another year of unparalleled success and unwavering support for our cherished patients.

Here’s to 25 years of compassion, excellence, and countless journeys to parenthood!