Giving You Every Chance for Success

Reproductive Partners Fertility Center – San Diego (RPSD) is a provider of the AttainIVF® Flex Plan.  The Attain Program offers patients multiple In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycles for a single, discounted fee. We are excited to offer this plan to our patients, as we are committed to making IVF as accessible and affordable as possible for patients with limited or no insurance coverage for treatment.

Even with the best technology and treatment available, it takes most women more than one IVF cycle to successfully conceive. The process can be stressful for patients, and concerns about treatment costs only compound this stress. That is why we recommend an AttainIVF® course-of-treatment plan. The treatment plan you receive at RPSD remains the same whether you enroll in AttainIVF® or you pay for the same services on a cycle-by-cycle basis, the only thing that changes is the cost to you.

The Attain Program

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Attain Patient Perspectives

Here at RPSD we offer our patients the Attain 2+2 Multi-Cycle Plan. This plan provides up to two IVF cycles and two frozen embryo cycles for a single, discounted fee. The Attain Program, known as the Attain 2+2 Multi-Cycle Plan, is designed to increase your chances of realizing your dream of growing your family while managing the cost of IVF treatment.

How do I apply for AttainIVF®?

Once your doctor recommends IVF, we can submit an AttainIVF® application on your behalf to verify the plan(s) for which you are eligible. There is no cost to apply and no obligation to enroll. All you need to do is tell your Financial Counselor you are interested in AttainIVF® and we will take care of the rest.

Once the AttainIVF® clinical team reviews your application, a caring and knowledgeable Attain Customer Care Specialist will contact you directly to review your options and guide you through enrollment.

Our goal is to make you aware of all the options available to you so you can make the best possible decision.

About AttainIVF®

AttainIVF® Plans are administered by IntegraMed® Fertility. Only select fertility centers throughout the United States are invited to offer their plans.

Enrolling in an AttainIVF® plan has absolutely no impact on your treatment plan. You will receive the same exact care, services and attention at our center. AttainIVF® Plans are designed solely to help control the costs associated with your treatment.

To learn more about AttainIVF®, visit their website.

Military Discounts

We are pleased to offer military personnel access to our military discount program. Your financial counselor is happy to provide more information on the specifics of this program.

Financing Options Also Available

In addition to the Attain offering, you have access to fertility loans through CapexMD and Lending Club Patient Solutions as a means to finance all or part of your AttainIVF® Plan fee. These programs offer competitive interest rates and flexible options. You can find additional details on their websites at and