Just as each couple’s infertility treatment plan is unique to them, so are the costs associated with their plan. All of our patients’ needs are different, and require different techniques, procedures and medications. We understand that cost is an important consideration in deciding to move forward with treatment. Once your personalized treatment plan has been determined, our knowledgeable financial counselors will provide the cost information for your treatment plan.

Open Communication & Detailed Information

We are here to provide guidance and support to you throughout your journey. Please feel free to share any financial concerns that you have right from the beginning. During your initial consultation you will meet with a trained financial counselor who will review prices and financing options to ensure that you are able to achieve your dream of building your family in the most affordable way possible.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for infertility treatment varies greatly. It is important to take time prior to beginning treatment to understand what your current coverage entails, and, if your employer offers them, to explore other plans.

Financing Plans &  AttainIVF®

We offer financing plans that can help ease the financial stress of your treatment. We are also pleased to offer the AttainIVF® program; this program maximizes your chance of success with IVF while minimizing your financial risk by fixing the cost of treatment.