LGBT Family Building

Options for Growing Your Family

Everyone’s journey to becoming a family is unique. At Reproductive Partners Fertility Center – San Diego (RPSD) we provide personalized treatment plans that take all of our patients’ individual needs into consideration.

Family Building for Lesbian Couples

Lesbian couples have multiple options available to build a family together. If both partners want to experience carrying a baby, the first decision is determining which partner will try first, followed by selecting the sperm donor. Often, couples opt to use the same male donor and plan to have a child with their own eggs. This option is cost-effective and requires less medical intervention. However, if one partner prefers not to carry or is unable to, but still wants a genetic connection with the child, reciprocal IVF is an increasingly popular option. With this method, one partner provides the eggs, and the other partner carries the pregnancy. This option allows both partners to be physically involved in the pregnancy, enhancing emotional involvement and connection to the process.

Based on your needs, your physician will explore with you whether Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the best option.

Family Building for Gay Couples

Gay male couples can opt for fertility treatments that involve egg donation followed by in-vitro fertilization using one or both partners’ sperm or donor sperm. The resulting embryo is then transferred to a gestational carrier. The egg donation can be sourced from a fresh or frozen donor. The gestational carrier can either be a willing friend or family member, or someone contracted from an outside agency. You should be aware that regardless of whether a surrogate is known or is recruited by an agency, there are many tests and legal steps required to protect all parties.

Pursuing Adoption

Some couples decide that adopting an infant or older child is the perfect choice for them. A large number of domestic and international adoption agencies have been working successfully for many years with LGBTQ+ couples.

Let’s Take the Next Step Together

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