Single Parenthood

Choices for Building Your Family

At Reproductive Partners Fertility Center – San Diego (RPSD) we will provide care and support throughout your exciting journey to becoming a parent.

Beginning Your Journey

The first step is a consultation and physical exam. This will allow your physician to assess your fertility and create a personalized treatment plan with you. Our goal is to get to know you both medically and personally. Open communication is very important during fertility treatment, and we are available to you throughout the entire process.

Choosing a Sperm Donor

Once your treatment plan is in place, you will need to choose a sperm donor. The first step in doing this is to decide whether you wish to use the sperm of someone you know, or select a donor from a sperm bank. Then you will arrange an appointment for your known donor to come in to our center, or arrange to have frozen sperm shipped to us. Your treatment plan will determine the type of sperm preparation.

Anonymous Sperm Donors

We work with accredited sperm banks, most of whom will allow you to browse or search donors by characteristics such as height, ethnicity, education, eye color – even blood type. You may then purchase an in-depth profile. It is important that you do not purchase sperm before finding out which preparation you will need for the procedures in your treatment plan.

Known Sperm Donors

If you choose a friend as your donor, it is recommended that he undergo a medical screening so that you are aware of any genetic issues he may have. After screening, his sperm will be collected, frozen and quarantined until his health can be retested 180 days later. When considering using a known donor, it is wise to get legal counseling regarding the laws in your state so you can ensure your child’s best interests are protected.

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Websites for Single Parents

Here are some additional resources to help you on your path to parenthood.

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