Surrogacy/Intended Parent Treatment Process

You choose the surrogate. She may be a family member, friend, or an individual selected through a surrogacy agency recommended by Reproductive Partners.

Your legal counsel will write all necessary contracts between you and the surrogate. Before treatment can begin, our center must have a Letter of Legal Clearance on file that confirms all of the parties are agreed and contracts are signed.

Psychological Counseling

One of the most important steps in the surrogacy process is psychological counseling for everyone involved–the surrogate, her spouse (if married) and the intended parents. Counseling is required by Reproductive Partners Fertility Center – San Diego (RPSD) before treatment can begin. We view it as an opportunity to discuss vital and sensitive issues that need to be addressed before moving forward. Couples and surrogates may travel to San Diego to consult our affiliate psychotherapist or we can help you choose one closer to home. In either case, our center requires a psychological “clearance letter” for all parties.

Both the surrogate and the intended parents must meet separately with one of our physicians for an initial consultation and to discuss pre-treatment requirements. We prefer an in-person consultation with the surrogate. For out of town intended parents, the consultation may be conducted by telephone or videoconferencing. If our physician determines more testing is needed, the intended parents may complete that testing where they live.

Treatment Process

After your physician has completed the medical evaluation, determined the protocol, all clearance letters have been received, the treatment may begin. Some of our out of town patients may begin this process in their hometown at a local fertility center under our supervision.

Our team of experienced clinical staff will coordinate all of your care. You will be required to make one extended trip to our center for ovarian stimulation and embryo freezing. Expect a two to three week stay in San Diego. How long you are here depends upon two factors:

  • The ovarian stimulation protocol used
  • The length of time your ovaries need to respond to medications

After the embryos have been frozen, the surrogate will undergo a frozen embryo transfer cycle. During this three to four week cycle, the surrogate receives medication to stimulate the uterine lining. Once the lining has reached optimum thickness, the embryos are thawed and transferred. Although the intended parents are welcome to travel to San Diego for the embryo transfer, it is not required.

Let’s Take the Next Step Together

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