What to Expect During Treatment

Our patients each have a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs. However, we have provided a general outline of what you can expect to give you a better understanding of the process and time commitment.

For IVF Patients

We prefer to conduct our initial consultation in person, but we understand that may not be convenient for patients who travel long distances to reach us. In the case of our destination patients, the first appointment may be conducted over the telephone or by teleconference.

During your session, be prepared to receive a lot of information about procedures and testing. For patients who live out of the country, diagnostic testing can be done close to home. Results are sent to us and our fertility specialists will develop a treatment plan just for you.

The next step requires a trip to San Diego for ovarian stimulation and embryo transfer. Your physician and a team of specially trained nurses will coordinate your care and guide you through every phase of treatment. Expect a stay of up to four weeks; the length of your visit depends on two variables:

  • Which ovarian stimulation protocol is used
  • How long it takes the ovaries to respond to medications

For Egg Donation/Recipient Treatment

The initial consultation requires an in-office visit with one of our physicians. Testing, beginning with an ultrasound, gets underway immediately. In fact, all pre-cycle testing, which includes a semen analysis and sperm freeze, is completed during this first visit. Before you return home, a treatment coordinator will assist you in selecting an egg donor from one of our recommended egg donor agencies. The entire process—initial consultation, testing and donor selection—will take several days.

Reproductive Partners Fertility Center – San Diego (RPSD) requires all egg donors to pass a rigorous physical and psychological evaluation. A successful candidate will be given daily hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries, a process that produces eggs for retrieval. Once the eggs are retrieved, they are fertilized with the sperm. Over a period of three to five days, the fertilized eggs (embryos) are cultured and then frozen.

You will be with us three to four weeks as our team monitors your uterine lining and performs the embryo transfer. The duration of your stay depends upon two factors:

  • Which treatment protocol is used
  • How long the uterine lining takes to respond to medications

Let’s Take the Next Step Together

Our skilled fertility specialists are here to help. Contact us today and let’s discuss the next phase of your fertility journey.