Our Involvement in Research to Preserve Fertility

Dr. Su and her research team continue to lead NIH- and foundation-funded studies to improve how we deliver reproductive health care to individuals facing infertility. One exciting study is a clinical trial (Telehealth Oncofertility Care Trial, or TOC ‘Talk’ Fertility Trial) to see if electronic health record-based oncology team nudges and a virtual oncofertility hub can help young people newly diagnosed with cancer undergo fertility preservation care. This trial is being conducted at UC San Diego Health, Rady Children’s Hospital, and City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The team is also interested in learning whether the state laws mandating insurance plans to cover fertility preservation services are working to improve access to care. This is important because there are now 12 states across the U.S. with fertility preservation benefit mandates.  The laws are different and how they are implemented may impact how many patients get the care they need.

One important component of this project is to recruit patients who are willing to share their insurance handbooks with researchers to see how fertility preservation benefits vary across patients in California. Ultimately, the goal is to develop interventions to help patients, providers and insurers design and access insurance benefits for reproductive health care. For more information on our research studies, please contact us at ayastudy@ucsd.edu.

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