Cumulus Co-Culture:

A Laboratory Technique for Optimizing Embryo Development

Cumulus cells are supportive cells that surround and nourish the eggs in the ovary. They provide important signals and nutrients to the eggs during their development and maturation.

In traditional IVF, eggs are grown in a laboratory culture medium without the surrounding cumulus cells. However, in cumulus co-culture, the fertilized eggs are grown with the cumulus cells from mature, healthy eggs obtained at the time of the egg retrieval.

The Role of Cumulus Co-Culture in IVF Treatment

The idea behind cumulus co-culture is to recreate the natural environment of eggs in the body as closely as possible to optimize their growth and maturation. By providing the eggs with the same type of support they would receive in the body, cumulus co-culture has been shown to improve the success of IVF treatments and increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Cumulus co-culture is particularly useful in patients with a poor prognosis to improve the quality of the embryos.

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