[:en]Award for Superior Success Rates[:]

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On February 5th, 2016, Integramed, a network of over 29 fertility centers across North America, hosted their annual Night of Recognition, which was attended by all fertility centers partnered with the specialty healthcare company. This meeting, aptly named “One Vision, One Mission”, recognizes extraordinary successes and celebrates remarkable achievements made across Integramed’s extensive fertility network.

Reproductive Partners – San Diego was recognized for their accomplishment of Superior Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Implantation Rate.  Reproductive Partners has received this coveted award each year since the conference’s inception. Implantation Rate  is the chance a single embryo will implant to be a pregnancy. As opposed to pregnancy rate, implantation rate doesn’t depend on number of embryos being transferred. Reproductive Partners – San Diego is at the forefront of providing effective fertility treatment while minimizing the risk of higher order pregnancies and the complications that are invariably associated with them. Reproductive Partners – San Diego is demonstrating excellence in patient care and their commitment to achieving pregnancies both safely and effectively while adhering to their core values.