National Infertility Awareness Week Offers Opportunity to #HaveAHeart

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This month, all of us at Reproductive Partners-San Diego are happy to support National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). If you visit us in April, you may notice lots of orange—the official NIAW color—throughout the office and on our staff. We invite you to join us! We’ll have heart pins and orange bracelets available in our office.

The color orange has symbolized fertility since ancient times. Created by combining red (love) and yellow (happiness), it’s an uplifting, hopeful color. It also stands out, which we feel is especially important, since infertility is often a private disease. However, it affects over 7 million people today—that’s roughly 1 in 8 couples.

Many struggle with infertility alone and in silence. NIAW is a chance for all of us to show compassion and empathy for those struggling to build a family. That’s what it means for #HaveAHeart and why we’re proudly supporting this campaign, along with the national infertility association Resolve (founders of the movement) and our network partners at IntegraMed Fertility.

National Infertility Awareness Week and the #HaveAHeart campaign represent a movement to reduce the stigma surrounding infertility, educate the public, and empower couples who are working to start a family. When a couple shares their infertility story with a supportive community, they’re reminded that they’re not alone, and that support, encouragement, and—most of all—hope is out there. It also gives their friends and family an opportunity to learn more about what it’s like facing infertility.

Join Us and #HaveAHeart

Show your solidarity with those who struggle with infertility throughout April, and especially during National Infertility Awareness Week (April 22 – 28):

  • Wear orange and orange heart pins to show solidarity with those struggling with infertility.
  • Let loved ones know you want to listen if they choose to share their infertility story.

Share Your Story

It may feel uncomfortable and scary, but opening up about your infertility journey can lead to amazing things—you’ll receive support from loved ones and encourage others struggling with infertility by showing them they aren’t alone. When you share your story, you play a part of decreasing the stigma around infertility.

  • Opening up with someone close to you gives you the opportunity to lighten your emotional burden.
  • Use the #HaveAHeart tag on your social media posts—especially from April 22 – 28—to raise awareness in your social media networks.
  • Find an online support community through the Resolve website.
  • Take part in a fundraising or awareness event in your area—or host one yourself.

This week is the perfect time to get involved, learn more, and show your support. Our hope is that the conversations that start during NIAW continue throughout the year, building support and providing hope for those with infertility.