CDC Launches One Healthy Baby Initiative

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While the medical community is aware of the risks that accompany multiple pregnancies and births, often patients undergoing fertility treatment are not. This newsletter was created by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to inform good prognosis patients on success rates associated with elective single embryo transfers (eSET) and the dangers surrounding multiple pregnancies for both baby and mother.

The CDC’s emphasis on “one healthy baby” is an initiative to broaden fertility patients’ knowledgebase, reduce twin rates, and minimize unnecessary complications. Twin births generally have increased rates of perinatal difficulties and long-term morbidity; similarly, mothers carrying a multiple pregnancy are at greater risk for gestational complications, such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Reproductive Partners Fertility Center San Diego has long been committed to minimizing these risks and helping patients build their family one healthy baby at a time.

Performing elective single embryo transfers (eSETs) is the best way to have one healthy baby at a time.  Reproductive Partners Fertility Center San Diego has been at the forefront for performing successful eSETs for years.  In 2015,  93% of all transfers performed at RPSD were single embryo transfers with outstanding success rates. The CDC’s “Having Healthy Babies, One at a Time” informational handout is an excellent resource intended to generate additional questions. Schedule an appointment with an RPSD physician today to answer your questions and make the most of your fertility treatment in a safe, healthy way.

To read the full report from the CDC about eSETs, click here.