Reproductive Partners Fertility Center Physician in the News

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Dr. Heidi Cook-Andersen, a physician at Reproductive Partners Fertility Center – San Diego, was recently featured in the San Diego Union Tribune on the topic of a recent breakthrough in her research on the causes of female infertility. During her research, Dr. Cook-Andersen discovered a link between the lack of a protein called L2, which is normally present in female egg cells, and infertile eggs. Essentially, without the presence of the L2 protein, the eggs don’t develop at a normal rate and cannot be fertilized. The L2 protein is also found in human eggs, so it’s believed to be a potential cause of infertility in women.

Reproductive Partners Fertility Center – San Diego’s physicians are recognized as leading researchers in the field of Reproductive Medicine as well as having a history for providing cutting edge care to their patients.

Read more about Dr. Cook-Andersen’s findings and how they impact female fertility on the San Diego Union Tribune.