Reproductive Partners – San Diego Receives Recognition for Excellence

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Reproductive Partners – San Diego received the Center of Excellence designation from United Healthcare/OPTUM, as well as the Institute of Excellence Award by Aetna.

United Healthcare/OPTUM’s Reproductive Resource Services (RRS) has proven results in increasing the rates of treatment success, limiting multiple births and helping patients contain the associated costs of infertility treatment. Before designating a Center of Excellence, RRS performs a rigorous clinical evaluation process involving the collection of data regarding facilities and doctors who provide fertility services. Only the medical centers and clinics who meet strict guidelines for patient care and outcomes are eligible to receive Center of Excellence status.

Reproductive Partners – San Diego once again received recognition as a United Healthcare/OPTUM Center of Excellence, being only 1 of 2 in programs in San Diego County and 119 fertility programs  across the United States. OPTUM’s core mission is to identify areas of healthcare with great patient care and treatment inconsistency, then recognize providers who promote safe, successful and cost-effective management for patients with complex health conditions.

Reproductive Partners- San Diego was also designated by the Aetna, as an Institute of Excellence and Institute of Quality which are networks of high-performing hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities that offer specialized treatment in bariatric, cardiac and orthopedic surgeries, as well as transplant support and infertility services. To be named an Aetna Institute of Excellence, our facility achieved high standards for specific criteria, including the number of procedures performed, success rates, cost-effectiveness of care and low rate of complications.

“These awards are based on outcome standards set by each carrier. They are awarded only to those few centers who meet those criteria which include our high success rates, a continuous commitment to quality assurance and focus on single embryo transfer,” explains Dr. V. Gabriel Garzo, Medical Director at Reproductive Partners – San Diego. “We are proud to receive recognition for our unwavering commitment to quality infertility care and the health and wellness of our patients.”