Reproductive Partners–San Diego Physicians Present at ASRM Scientific Congress and Expo

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Fertility experts from Reproductive Partners–San Diego presented their research findings at the recent American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress & Expo in Salt Lake City, UT which took place October 15-19. The ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo is the premier global reproductive medicine conference where professionals from around the world gather to discuss challenges and advancements that affect the science of reproduction. This year’s conference saw an attendance of over 8,500 professionals in the field of reproductive medicine.

Reproductive Partners had all four papers accepted by ASRM to be presented at the Scientific Conference.  Reproductive Partners–San Diego Medical Director Dr. V. Gabriel Garzo presented the abstract titled, “High Pregnancy Rates Can Be Achieved with Elective Single Embryo Transfer Offered to All Patients.”  Reproductive Endocrinologist and Molecular Biologist Dr. Heidi Cook-Andersen shared her findings during her presentation titled, “Global transcriptional silencing and developmental competence in the oocyte mediated by an mRNA decay activator”.  Reproductive Epidemiologist Dr. Irene Su conducted an interactive session titled “Reproductive Health Needs in Cancer Survivors: Fertility, Contraception, and Preconception Counseling” which featured a presentation followed by an in-depth Q&A session.

Dr. Antoni Duleba, a nationally regarded expert on polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis was selected as a finalist for a conference prize. As a finalist, Dr. Duleba was chosen to present his paper, “Effects of Resveratrol on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:  A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Trial” during one of the conference’s most popular sessions.  In addition, Dr. Schoolcraft presented multiple abstracts at the meeting including one titled Natural Antioxidant Supplementation Prior to Infertility Treatment Results in Excellent Clinical Outcomes for Infertility Patients with Prior IVF Failures”.

“We are thrilled that so many of our staff were able to present at this year’s ASRM conference,” concludes Dr. Garzo. “We are proud of the advancements that our specialists bring to the fertility field and look forward to continuing to share our findings with our peers.”

For additional information, please visit the ASRM website.