San Diego County’s First Baby Born From Egg Freezing Turns Four!!!

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Happy Birthday to Candice Taylor, who was born in Spring of 2012, and is the first baby born in San Diego County from egg freezing!

Reproductive Partners Fertility Center San Diego was the first center in San Diego County to successfully use the egg freezing technique and, since 2012, has played a key role in the steadily rising number of successful pregnancies obtained through this procedure.  Egg freezing — also known as oocyte cryopreservation — allows a woman’s eggs to be frozen and safely stored until they are ready to be used for insemination and implantation.

Shannon Taylor, Candice’s mother and local San Diegan, recently described how egg freezing gave her dreams of a family a second chance. “I remember feeling terrified the night we learned we were selected for the egg freezing study. Not only was it literally our last chance to have the family we so desperately desired, but we understood what the success would mean to cancer patients whose chances of a family are jeopardized because of cancer treatment. We wholeheartedly put our trust in the team at Reproductive Partners and knew we’d be treated with the best possible care. And the results were just remarkable”

The physicians at Reproductive Partners Fertility Center San Diego all share the same sentiments regarding the value of this technique as summarized by Dr. Garzo. “When we first began using oocyte cryopreservation at Reproductive Partners, we knew the potential impact would be very significant. What we couldn’t have predicted, and continue to be driven by, is the sheer number of patients’ lives for which the success of this procedure has changed. The renewed sense of hope our patients experience confirm that our efforts towards innovation are worthwhile. ”

Since its initial demonstrated feasibility, egg freezing has gained increasing popularity in both clinical practice and the media. With women today placing more emphasis on personal development and career advancement prior to creating a family, egg freezing provides women with the hope of fulfilling all their goals unrestricted by conventional concerns of aging. Additionally, egg freezing has become invaluable for patients diagnosed with cancer who are considering treatment protocols, such as chemotherapy or radiation, that may later impact fertility. The opportunities created through egg freezing allow for aggressive cancer treatment to be pursued without sacrifice, a previously much more difficult decision.

Advancements in egg freezing have continued to develop over the last several decades, with Reproductive Partners Fertility Center being at the forefront in San Diego County. If you’d like to learn more about this technique or have questions regarding goals for your future family, please contact our fertility center to schedule an appointment with our team of experts. Your dreams drive our passion.