More than ever, patients who undergo fertility-threatening treatments are surviving their disease and looking forward to the future. The ability to have children and build a family is often a very important part of that future. Although many therapies that improve survival of cancer and other serious illnesses have side effects including loss of fertility and early menopause, advancements in reproductive technology have enabled us to provide effective options for preserving our patients’ fertility.

Our Mission

To provide patients facing fertility-threatening treatments the information and care necessary for them to achieve their goal of preserving their fertility and someday having a family.

Each patient faces a unique set of circumstances when considering fertility preservation, including varied risks to fertility depending on the type of treatment, available time for fertility preservation before starting treatment and additional factors such as personal wishes. Our experienced oncofertility team can help cancer patients access and navigate the available fertility preservation options. We understand the urgency of fertility preservation decisions and are committed to seeing patients as quickly as possible.

Patients facing fertility-threatening therapies often have other medical issues to consider as they undergo fertility preservation. As a fertility center partnered with an National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center and the national Oncofertility Consortium, we have the expertise to work across medical disciplines to undertake fertility preservation procedures safely for our patients.

Partnered with UCSD, our oncofertility team is comprised of experts in reproductive endocrinology, gynecology, oncology, genetics and psychology. We believe that close coordination between treating physicians and the reproductive specialist is central to family building options for patients.

Our Program

Our comprehensive fertility preservation program offers fertility preservation consultations, embryo banking, egg banking, ovarian tissue banking, referral for sperm banking, ovarian shielding and fertility sparing surgeries such as ovarian transposition. We are partnered with the Fertile Hope Program and the Fertility h.e.a.r.t.BEAT Program.

If you are a patient who needs to be seen urgently, please let our new patient navigators know. We are committed to make every effort to see you with minimal or no wait.

If you are a healthcare provider and have a patient who is interested in fertility preservation, please call our new patient navigator at 858-552-9177 and provide pertinent information including treatment restrictions and timeline to chemotherapy or radiation.

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There are many things we can do before therapy to preserve your chance of having a child.
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After cancer treatment, assisted reproductive technologies can help survivors conceive.
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Two clinical trials, led by our Dr. Su, are underway at RPSD to help young breast cancer survivors.