Reproductive Partners Fertility Center Co-Organized 2017 International IVF Conference

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Leading Experts in IVF to Speak at July Conference in Coronado, Reproductive Partners Co-Hosts Event

For the second year in a row, the world’s best and brightest minds in the field of IVF are gathering at the Hotel Del Coronado to share the latest and most important advancements in the specialty of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Once again, fertility experts at Reproductive Partners will be well represented at the speakers’ podium, sharing their innovative research results and clinical findings with colleagues from around the globe.

This is the premier IVF conference for medical professionals. Last year’s event attracted more than four hundred IVF professionals from at least four continents.

Two revered pioneers in the field of IVF will be honored at the Coronado summit.  World-renowned stem cell scientist Alan Trounson and Dr. Gianpiero Palmermo, the man behind the world’s first successful ICSI are scheduled speakers.

Reproductive Partners is co-hosting the IVF summit with UC San Diego Health and a well-known Spanish fertility institute. Our own Dr. David Meldrum has been organizing the conference for 30 years. Just last year it moved from Northern California to San Diego.

In addition to Dr. Meldrum, featured presenters at the summit include RP physicians Dr. Gabriel Garzo, Dr. Antoni Duleba, Dr. William Schoolcraft, and Dr. Irene Su.

Dr. Garzo will be delivering more exciting news this year about single embryo transfers, a procedure that virtually eliminates twin pregnancies for IVF patients. RP’s single embryo transfer success rates are some of the best in the nation.

For updates on the upcoming conference, visit the Reproductive Partners Fertility Center website.