Reproductive Partners’ Fertility Experts Present at International IVF Conference

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Reproductive Partners-San Diego recently co-hosted the world’s leading international fertility conference, the 31st Annual In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Conference. The conference took place from July 30 through August 1 at the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, CA.

This is the leading conference for those in the infertility field, attracting over 400 professionals from around the world. The three-day program is an opportunity to discuss and debate the current advancements and challenges of in vitro fertilization and embryo management, with an agenda filled with panel discussions and breakout groups.

Fertility experts from Reproductive Partners-San Diego presented throughout the conference on their recent research, results and conclusions in fertility treatment.

Dr. David Meldrum started the conference Monday morning with a presentation about the lifestyle factors that should be corrected before beginning an IVF cycle. He also presented “Adjuncts to Stimulation – Agonists, OC, Estrogen, LH, Low Dose Aspirin, Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Letrozole, DHEA, Dexamethasone” and “Transvaginal Follicle Aspiration – Making Difficult Retrievals Easier and Minimizing Risks.” Dr. Meldrum also moderated three of the Q&A panels, including one that covered the future of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation with Dr. Antoni J. Duleba.

Reproductive epidemiologist and endocrinologist Dr. Irene Su shared her research findings in her presentation, “Fertility Preservation for the Woman with Cancer.”

Dr. Gabriel Garzo presented his research and successful results in “Single Embryo Transfer — The Ultimate Goal to Optimized IVF Outcomes.” Reproductive Partners continues to be a leader in elective single embryo transfer (ESET) to help women have one healthy baby at a time.

Dr. Duleba discussed ovarian stimulation in his presentation “Clomiphene Citrate/Gonadotropins” and the success of deferred embryo transfers in “Deferred Transfer Results in Increased Implantation and Reduced Perinatal Complications.”

A complete list of presentations and panel discussions can be found on the conference agenda.